Code is never finished, only abandoned.

Full Stack Web Developer, Made in New York


Hi! I'm Randall Reed, Jr., a web developer living and working in Richmond, Virginia. I am actively looking for my next role, while occasionally taking on freelance work.


HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Rspec, Rake, Javascript, React, Gulp, JSON, Elasticsearch, AWS S3, AWS Cloudfront, Git, Github, Heroku, Circle CI, Codeship CI, Wordpress, PHP


English (native fluency)

French (intermediate proficiency)

Spanish (elementary proficiency)

Freelance Projects


Screenslate is a site devoted to finding the best movie screenings in New York City. For the site redesign funded by a Kickstarter campaign, I developed the backend CMS and API. I also managed the deployed application on Heroku and used add-ons such as New Relic, Papertrail, and Scout to tune performance and detect issues.

Technologies: Ruby, Rails, Rspec, Refinery CMS, Javascript, CSS, ERB, AWS S3, Codeship CI, Heroku, Github

TDEE Calculator

Javascript calculator for Total Daily Energy Expenditure, built for People's Athletic Club.

Technologies: Next.js, Vercel

Open Source Projects


time_value is a Ruby gem to perform time value of money calculations. It has methods for present value (PV), future value (FV), interest (I), number of periods (n), and payment (pmt).

Technologies: Ruby, Rspec, Financial Computation, Circle CI, Github


roth_ira is a Ruby gem to calculate Roth IRA contribution limits, which vary based on income, age, and tax filing status.

Technologies: Ruby, RSpec, Circle CI, GitHub


git_swap is a command line utility to switch between multiple GitHub profiles (e.g. a work and personal account).

Technologies: Ruby, RSpec, Circle CI, GitHub, Git, bash, ssh-add

Personal Projects

This site! As an exercise in minimalism, I created the site from scratch in a text editor. As new features were added, the site grew in complexity, and now uses Gulp to pre-compile the Sass to CSS and Rake to deploy using the aws cli tool. It is hosted on AWS in an S3 bucket.

Technologies: HTML, Handlebars, CSS, Sass, Gulp, Rake, AWS S3, AWS Cloudfront, Github

Get to 24

Get to 24 is a Sinatra application allowing the user to play the 24 Game, a math card game.

Technologies: Ruby, Sinatra, Bootstrap, CSS, ERB, Heroku, Github

Project Euler problems

In my free time, I solve problems on Project Euler, a site hosting mathematical and algorithmic challenges.


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